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Covenant Ministries

Apostle Bynum is the overseer for the below ministries

Restoration grace ministries

was conceived April 2015 in the spirit of Rev. Claudia Brown while meeting people in the marketplace. Sharing her piercing concern for those she met with those she trusted. Rev. Brown and her husband open their home once a month transforming their family room into an edifice. Giving people a safe place to be healed and nurtured back into the body of Christ. In which twenty-three ladies and one gentleman was present in the first meeting.


April 14, 2016, Rev. Brown established Restoration Grace Ministries partnering with local ministries and believers to restore the broken-hearted to the wholeness of God’s extraordinary mercy, grace, love and joy. The ministry continues to grow spiritually and naturally with its annual conference, prayer line, bible study, lady’s nights and women alliance. It has expanded to aid hurricane relief in North Carolina, provide educational assistance to youth and supply resources to families in need.


October 21, 2018, Restoration Grace Ministries was consecrated under the leadership and covering of Apostle Dwight Bynum, Shekinah Glory Deliverance Church, Ft. Washington, MD. Recognition of our first partnerships Deaconess Charlotte Goodwin, Deaconess Almeda Bosley, Sis. Marianne Raynor-Hill, Dr. Lonise Bias, Sis. Alma Atkinson, Sis. Katrina Raynor, Pastor Stephanie Bynum, Sis. Emma Greenfield, Sis. Arlene Tucker, Dr. Aleta Bosley (Deceased) and Bro. Walter Goodwin. Our mission is to stay connected to Jesus giving glory to Almighty God for the service He entrusted to Restoration Grace Ministries displaying the love of Christ and the Holy Spirit restoring people of all walks of life through our creative service, discipleship and outreach.


Evangelist Timothy and Diane Davis

Wilson, NC

life force ministries

Prophetess Mary Marshall

Life is the WORD of GOD

Force is the POWER of GOD

The WORD is the source of Life

The POWER is the Force (HOLY SPIRIT; Action) of the WORD!

“...Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature

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